Services we offer

  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Building Stakeout
  • Map Cover Preparation
  • Global Positioning (GPS) Surveying
  • Expert Testimony
  • Route Surveys
  • New Residential Home Construction   Surveys
  • Underground Utility Location

What type of survey?

Boundary Survey:Is a procedure where a land surveyor establishes the corners of a parcel of land. It is advisable to conduct a boundary survey prior to purchasing a tract of land to ensure you are buying the amount of land the seller purports to be selling. Without a boundary survey, you could be buying a potential lawsuit that will be expensive and time consuming to handle down the road.

Do you need a boundary survey? If you are purchasing a land or a new home, the answer is probably yes. Throughout time, property corners are often disturbed, forgotten, removed, or hidden from view. A boundary survey is essential to determine the true size of your property, and to ensure a neighbor is not encroaching on your land.

How much does a boundary survey cost? Each property is different. To develop a price for a boundary survey we consider the property's: Size, location, time of year, topography, complexity, past survey work, and the deed.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey: is a type of boundary survey that is prepared to a set of standards developed by the America Land Title Assoication and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Some banks and lending institutions prefer this type of survey in order to attain a mortgage.

Elevation/Flood Certificate: Is a procedure that determines whether a home or parcel lies in a flood zone. A flood zone is an area that has a high frequency of anticipated flood conditions. Thus, if a home or parcel lies in a flood zone it would be prudent for the home owner to attain flood insurance. However, flood insurance is expensive; don't buy it if your home is not in a flood zone. To find out if your home is in a flood zone, call us today.

If you are paying for flood insurance, and you are not sure whether you need it, call us, and we can determine if your home actually is in a flood zone. If not, this could save you thousands of dollars on flood insurance.

Topographic Survey: Is a type of survey that is used to identify and map the existing contours of the ground along with the existing features on the surface of the earth and slightly below (e.g. trees, buildings, manholes, utility poles, etc.) Topographic surveys establish the different man made and natural features of the land. This type of survey is often utilized by architects and engineers prior to construction. However, they can also be beneficial to homeowners prior to building a fence or other permanent fixture on the land.

Construction Survey: Is a stakeout of reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures such as homes, commercial buildings, sewer line structures, cell towers, etc.

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  • Boundary Surveys
  • Easement/Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Elevation/Flood Certificates (LOMAs & LOMRs)
  • Topographic/Utility Survey
  • Construction Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Legal Description
  • Utility Stakeouts